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Episode 1 : 1 Square Foot

Here are links to the episode in a few different places:

We hope you all liked the first episode of the show, and are glad you found your way here to get some more info!

James Turrell

  • The light space we talked about is called a “Ganzfeld”, an German word Turrell uses that describes “the total loss of depth perception, as in a white-out”. Find some photographs from his website here.

  • As we mentioned, Turrell uses light as a medium is almost all of his works. Here is a longer essay talking about how his Quaker upbringing influences this way of working. A bit more academic, but an interesting read. Here is the link,

  • Turrell has said “More people know of me through Drake than anything else”, which is just hilarious. Here is a link to the famous music video, because why not?

Alvaro Siza - Santa Maria Church

  • To understand what we are really talking about with that super tall door, here’s a gallery of some excellent images.

  • And of course, it always helps to have a person for scale. Seantel's instagram has an excellent example.

Rietveld Shroder House

  • The house is unique and complex, click here for some excellent photos.

  • Here is a good video touring the house and showing some of the different features we talked about. It’s in Dutch, but the English subtitles are top notch. 

  • The architect behind the house, Gerrit Rietveld, also designed the extremely famous red blue chair. It’s in the house, and here’s a quick little article on it.

Brian's Thesis

  • At the end of the episode, we talked about Brian's thesis, and you can see more photographs and drawings from the work on our site, here.

Drake Hotline Bling.png

Image Courtesy of Stereogum

Shroder House.jpg

Image Courtesy of Stijn Poelstra

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