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Episode 2 : 10 Square Feet

Here are links to the episode in a few different places

Thanks for sticking around to the second episode! Hope you enjoy the links below.

Edward Hall - Personal Space

  • We introduced the episode with the bare basics of Edward Hall’s theory. Here is a much longer essay from him outlining his ideas.

  • And to counter that long, academic source of information, here is a much more digestible presentation of the same theory.

Alvaro Aalto - Villa Mairea

  • This was the first building we talked about today, and it’s famous for lots of other reasons besides what we mentioned. Here is a link to a great gallery of pictures.  

  • Aalto was a super prolific in all sorts of ways during his career. Here is a link to the furniture company he founded, which continues to make some of his most famous designs, such as his 4 legged stool.

Playboy Penthouse

  • We mentioned the very well known Playboy penthouse, and here is a link to another architectural design they commissioned for a entire townhouse that incorporates the same principles.  

Villa Mairea_Alvar Aalto.jpg

Image Courtesy of Alvar Aalto

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