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Episode 3 : 100 Square Feet

Here are links to the episode in a few different places

We've left the studio and headed out into the city! See below for some more info about PARK(ing) Day and other related topics.

Barnes Dance

  • Brian was very excited that we got to briefly talk about his favorite urban phenomena: the pedestrian scramble (also called the Barnes Dance). Here is a great article on the creator and the history of the strategy.

  • The most famous example of this is the Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. Click here for a cool 360 degree video of the packed intersection.

History of PARK(ing) DAY

  • As we mentioned in the show, the first PARK(ing) DAY installation was simply some sod, a tree, and a bench. Click here for a great article tracing the growth of the even from such humble beginnings.  

  • Installations like this are often referred to as parklets, imagining them as mini parks. Rebar, the firm behind the first PARK(ing) DAY, has also designed what they call a walklet. You can see more about that here.

See for Yourself 

  • Of course, we were interested in talking about this event partly due to our participation in it. Click here to see more photos of what we built. 

Parking Day_Rebar.jpg

Image courtesy of CityLab

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