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Episode 6 : 10,000 Square Feet (Part 2)

Here are links to the episode in a few different places

We hope you enjoyed our continued conversation surrounding interior public space! Hopefully the links below explain our conversation further.

Amsterdam Noord

  • This neighborhood in the city has a lot going on, including Pllek. For more info directly from the city, see here.

Markthall Rotterdam

  • As you can tell, this project from MVRDV is powerful to see in person and a unique spatial experience. See more pictures here.

Tate Modern

  • The Tate is really one of the best contemporary art museums in the world, and you can get a better sense of it from pictures of the original here and the addition here.

  • We talked about the amazing Doris Salcedo installation Shibboleth, and here is an excellent interview with the engineer who made it happen.

Seattle Public Library

  • This project is truly architectural icon. See original drawings, diagrams, and photographs from the firm behind it here.


  • The last project we discussed is truly a culmination of all the typologies we reviewed in the episode. For more information from the architects check out their website here.

Doris Salcedo_Tate.JPG

Image courtesy of Konstnarsnamnden

OMA_Seattle Public Library.jpg

Image courtesy of OMA

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