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Episode 7 : 100,000 Square Feet

Here are links to the episode in a few different places

We really enjoyed reconnecting with Katrina this week, and hope you enjoyed our conversation about the spaces between buildings. They are filled with life!

Katina's Work

  • Katrina has an amazing variety of work focused on the topic areas we talked about in the episode. Check out her website here and her fun Instagram here.
  • We want to especially point you to her relevant and thoughtful post, "Why We Need Women-Led Cities", which you can find here.

History of Cities

  • We briefly talked about the role of cities in the history of human development, and here is a really great timeline courtesy of Max Galka.

Diversity in Cities

  • Head here for a great article from CityLab about the role and power of diversity in the economic resilience of cities.

Spaces between Buildings

  • Public art often elevates ordinary places to the level of excellent public spaces. See here for an article from Jill Medvedow, the director of the Institute of Contemporary Art, about how to best achieve this.
Leon Krier_Public Space.jpg

Image courtesy of CNU

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