Episode 8: 1,000,000 Square Feet

Here are links to the episode in a few different places

It was great to sit down with John and hear about his work in Benin, and his views on informal urbanism more generally. Check the links below for more info!

L'Atelier des Griots

  • The organization John helped start in Benin has done great work, and the best way to check up on them is either through their Facebook page, found here, or their website, found here.

MASS Design Group

  • We spoke about this non-profit architecture firm during our conversation, and you can find their website here.

Alejandro Aravena

  • Another architect who often gets brought up in the conversation around informal urbanism is Aravena, the Pritzker-prize winning principal of ELEMENTAL in Chile. His firm doesn't have a website, but you can find a podcast episode on his most famous project here.

Francis Kere

  • Right at the end of the show, John mentioned this talented architect during work across the world, and you should check out his firm's website here.

John Ellis_Atelier de Griots.jpg

Image courtesy of L'Atelier des Griots