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And Now I See You

Location: Boston, MA 

Project Type: Immersive Installation

And Now I See You is a call to witness. This installation aims to push the users haptic understanding of another being in the same space by altering our perception of the space itself. Our haptics, the ability to feel, relate us to our world through a means far beyond our five senses. Our public sphere is the domain in which societal standards, hierarchies, and values are asserted and contested; feeling in control, aware, seen or not seen are just a few examples of how we identify with a space and the others who occupy it.


Given our current social climate, now more than ever is a pinnacle opportunity to study the ways in which our culture seeks the excitement of meeting another person, and the fear behind it as well.

And Now I See You challenges our awareness of space, pushing our minds to go beyond what we think we see and instead utilize the the abstract parts of our minds to understand the people around us from a truly new perspective. In And Now I see You we learn trust within tight quarters, heightening our awareness of where we are, where they are, and how we exist together.

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