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Beyond Us

Location: Boston, MA 

Project Type: Immersive Installation

Beyond Us will be a human scale installation that supports an overarching exploration of human interaction. Our ability to sense and feel others within a space is particularly dependent upon the ability to see, as we have grown to compare ourselves to others through many visual associations. Beyond Us challenges not only our perspectives, but also our judgement, pushing us to question our initial interpretation of space, our placement within it, and the others occupying it.


Through a series of five small-scale installations, the work begins to warp size, perspective, the ability to view oneself as well as the ability to view another. Altered reflections, created through a warped combination of nearby surroundings, provides a familiar yet altered perception of space and your relationship in it. This series of installations aim to reflect, project and make aware our existence in space as well as engage the familiar and unfamiliar audience.

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