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See For Yourself

Location: Cambridge, MA 

Project Type: Interactive Public Installation

See For Yourself is an installation that aims to engage the public in an area typically off-limits to pedestrian use: street parking.

PARK(ing) Day is dedicated to inviting artists and architects alike to take back the public sphere in an uncommon way and temporarily return it to pedestrians. This work embodies this ethos by encouraging an uncommon, slow activity: sitting. Formed with commonplace, easily-assembled materials, users have a variety of ways to re-examine and re-think the world around them, and those they share that world with.

Members of the public can lay down, look around, and see the world inside the mirror in a dynamic, unique way.

See For Yourself was exhibited at ABX 2018 in collaboration with the BSA's MakeTank committee.

Photomontage_Laying Down 1.jpg
Overall View_6.jpg
Person in Mirror_2.jpg
Person Laying Down 3.jpg
Overall View_5.jpg
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