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I See You

Location: Cambridge, MA 

Project Type: Interactive Public Installation

I See You is the second in our continuing explorations of public space as part of PARK(ing) Day. This year, we were very excited to collaborate with Meesh Zucker from Restart [Your City]. 

The two-part installation asks users to look at themselves in this strange context. A variety of plants and greenery create a small oasis on a busy street. A modular wooden frame positions a series of mirrors in a unique way, creating unfamiliar spatial conditions and relationships.

Adjacent to this sits StreetSpeak. A compact box with a screen, camera, and microphone, it asks users to help build a collective memory. They watch a stranger record a story, and then can respond with a story of their own. The two pieces work together to reframe the relationships between strangers in the street.

To see more of Meesh's work, head to her site here at, or head to to learn more about Restart [Your City].

Elevation View 1.jpg
Close Up_In Use 1.jpg
Close Up_In Use 7.jpg
Close Up_In Use 6.jpg
Close Up_In Use 6.jpg
Wide View 1.jpg
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